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Spencer Library - September and October 2022

Gina Beford

Software engineer by day, artist by night. Since I was a little girl I’ve had a  passion to paint. I enjoy all different types of art mediums from oils to acrylics and watercolors. Over the pandemic I discovered Alcohol inks and was instantly hooked.

If you would like to watch my journey come check out my Facebook page at:

Marble Surface

Theresa Monteith

I grew up in Worcester and have lived in different towns around Worcester all my life. My first art class was in Worcester at a warehouse where I learned to paint on slate and wood. As my art lesson continued I began to paint cityscapes on canvas with acrylic paint to reflect my love for the city and the people I have met throughout the years working as a recreation organizer and advocate. In that warehouse I found my love for painting and drawing and that started my formal training at Worcester Art Museum and Framingham State College where I earned my Bachelor degree in art.

Artist Statement
As my experience and expertise in painting developed it led me to designing and painting community murals and mosaics These art projects were painted with a group of people in Worcester, the Brookfields and Spencer. I painted with groups of creative and diverse populations that included young adults and people in crisis. These experiences helped me to understand and further my art appreciation and its therapeutic benefits for me and my students.

I am inspired by other artists and the students I continue to teach. I work in many different mediums, acrylic, printmaking, collage, jewelry and mix media. I am always seeking color balance in bold and abstract shapes in whatever medium I am working on. I would now describe my art as abstract with a reflection of nature, trees, flowers and organic shapes. Always a journey within and letting my mind do the painting with guidance of my hands and my years of training.

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