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2019 Art Show Prize Winners

Best in Show: Maggie Hart
Acrylic 1st: Nancy McBride        
Acrylic  2nd : Marian Corriveau
Acrylic 3rd: Sid Solomon    

Oil    1st: Clifton Hunt
Oil    2nd: Leslie Tracy
Oil    3rd: Deborah Reicker
Pastel    1st: Carole Bentley
Pastel    2nd: Margaret Emerson
Pastel    3rd: Veronica Furst
Watercolor 1st: Debbie Kirk    
Watercolor 2nd: Sid Solomon    
Watercolor 3rd: Mary Hollingsworth
Drawing & Print 1st: Marilyn Kulesa
Drawing & Print 2nd : Pierre Theriault
Drawing & Print 3rd: Marilyn Kulesa
Other Media 1s: Debbie Sundquist
Other Media 2nd: Karen Wylie    
Other Media 3rd: Don Beal
Traditional Photo 1st: Don Beal
Traditional Photo 2nd : Kathleen Bowen
Traditional Photo 3rd: Sandra DeCoff
Digitally Altered 1st: Paulette Adams
Digitally Altered 2nd: Kathleen Bowen
Digitally Altered 3rd : Don Beal

Memorial Awards
Doreen Seguin Award: Deborah Reicker
Gayle Magwood Award 1: Halie Smith
Gayle Magwood Award 2: Maggie Hart
Mildred Terry Award: Linda Spencer
Vernon Graham Award: Mary Hollingsworth

People’s Choice Award: Halie Smith


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