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Our annual show was a great success and a very well attended event! We thank all the artists who participated, our President Sandra DeCoff, the show committee, local businesses for their generous donations and everyone who helped put this grand event together.

Going Home

Best In Show for his Enhanced Digitally Photography - Going Home by Donald Beal


Watercolor 1st Place - Peekaboo by Maggie Hart

Time Suspended

Watercolor 3rd Place - Time Suspended by Deborah Roberts Kirk

Floral Fountain

Watercolor 2nd Place - Floral Fountain by Barbara Blake

A Feather or a Kiss?

Watercolor Honorable Mention - A Feather or a Kiss? by Deborah Roberts Kirk

Among the Vines

Watercolor Honorable Mention - Among the Vines by Maggie Hart

Coleus Inspired

Watercolor Honorable Mention - Coleus Inspired by Nancy McBride

Foggy Boat

Photography -1st Place Foggy Boat by Peter Spencer

Falling Snow

Photography 2nd Place - Falling Snow by Peter Spencer

Acadia Birches

Photography 3rd Place - Acadia Birches by Ann McDougle

Halloween Snow

Photography Honorable Mention - Halloween Snow by Donald Beal


Pastel 1st Place - Peonies by Carole Bentley

When the Rains End

Pastel 2nd Place - When the Rains End by Margaret Emerson

Sunset at the Lake

Pastel 3rd Place - Sunset at the Lake by Carole Bentley

But Ma It's Raining

Pastel Honorable Mention - But Ma It's Raining by Loretta Medeiros

Pond Edge

Pastel Honorable Mention - Pond Edge by Judy Doyle


Mixed/Other Media 1st Place - Undisturbed by Irena Russell


Mixed/Other Media 2nd Place - Flow by Gina Beford

Leaf it to your Imagination

Mixed/Other Media 3rd Place - Leaf it to your Imagination by Nancy McBride

Garden @ Dusk

Mixed/Other Media Honorable Mention - Garden @ Dusk by Nancy McBride

Nichewaug Lookout

Oil 1st Place - Nichewaug Lookout by Deborah Reicker

Howe Park Stream

Oil 2nd Place - Howe Park Stream by Linda Spencer

Higgins Farmstead

Oil 3rd Place - Higgins Farmstead by Deborah Reicker

Merritt's Stable

Oil Honorable Mention - Merritt's Stable by Deborah Reicker

Chinese Lanterns

Oil Honorable Mention - Chinese Lanterns by Carole Bentley

Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Digitally Enhanced Photography 1st Place - Blue Oyster Mushrooms by Ellen Smith


Digitally Enhanced Photography 2nd Place - Chapel by Jonathan Dosick

Old Sturbridge Village

Digitally Enhanced Photography 3rd Place - Old Sturbridge Village by Donald Beal

Point Judith Light_5103976776283773_6943297833821839113_n

Digitally Enhanced Photography Honorable Mention - Point Judith Light by Paulette Adams

Harvester Moon

Drawing and Printing Category 1st Place - Harvester Moon artist Barbara Blake

Seed Pod with Gourds

Drawing and Printing Category 2nd Place - Seed Pod with Gourds artist Marilyn Kulesa

Affirmation Tree

Drawing and Printing Category 3rd Place - Affirmation Tree artist Linda Spencer

Leaf Rendering

Drawing and Printing Category Honorable Mention - Leaf Rendering artist Ann McDougle


Drawing and Printing Category Honorable Mention - Hellebore artist Marilyn Kulesa


Acrylics category 1st Place - Monarch, artist Maggie Hart


Acrylics category 2nd Place - Waterfall, artist Francis Warner


Acrylics category 3rd Place - Sunflower, Susan Scott Kenney

Perkins Cove

Acrylics category Honorable Mention - Perkins Cove, artist Norman Cabana

Vermillion Sunrise

Acrylics category Honorable Mention - Vermillion Sunrise, artist Irena Russell

Old Buddies

The Vernon Graham Memorial Award for his watercolor - Old Buddies by Francis Warner

Horses in the Snow

The Steve W. Morse Memorial Award for her photograph - Horses in the Snow by Paulette Adams


The Margery Cook Memorial Award for her painting - "Fall Fun" by Ann McDougle .


The Gail Magwood Memorial Award for her oil painting - Main Street by Leslie Tracy.

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