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Leslie Tracy Paintings at Cormier Jewelers

Leslie Tracy

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All images copyright of the artist

Marble Surface

Fran Warner Paintings at Cormier Jewelers

                Fran Warner
Fran has been creating and exhibiting art for personal and various commercial venues for most of his life, while he presently works out of his studio in Jefferson. He currently teaches art for Sullivan Middle School in Worcester.

Warner has a diverse interest in subject matter and mediums. In addition to the larger works exhibited here; there are a series of 5” X 7” watercolor paintings on the theme Dawn where the artist created 100 individual paintings. Each of these paintings is documented on the back including the chronological number, the time, place, and date of each observation, and the artist’s signature. They can be purchased for $40.00 each by contacting the artist using the information below.

The other pieces are also reasonably priced, and if you are inclined to own a beautiful high quality original painting, please contact the artist.

Cell: 774-364-2393

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