2019 Art Show

Saturday & Sunday Oct 19-20th

Spencer Town Hall, Spencer, MA

General Info

The MAG Annual Show and Sale is a great opportunity to show current artwork and to socialize with other local artists. All members of the Massasoit Art Guild are invited to enter.

An Artist's Reception will be held at  2:00 PM on Saturday, October 19, 2019.  The results of the judging will be announced, and patrons may enjoy refreshments while meeting the artists.

A group sales table will be provided by the Guild and staffed by Guild members during the show. Prices must be clearly marked on each item. Each artist participating in the sales table is limited to one card rack/box,  and one print rack/box. (No crafts please.)  A 2-hour shift to help out at the sales table  or refreshment table is required.

Check the box on the entry form if  you plan to participate in the sales  table. You will be contacted about a week before the show to arrange your 2-hour  shift. Direct any questions about the  sales table to Linda Spencer at lindaspencerart@gmail.com

Open to all members of the Massasoit  Art Guild. Non members can register during the show entry process.

Registration for the 2019 show is now closed.
Entry Fee
$5.00 for each entry (nonrefundable) accompanying the entry form. Payable online, or by check or money order to:  The Massasoit Art Guild PO Box 14 East Brookfield, MA 01515 (If joining the MAG, also include $30 for an individual membership or $50 for a dual membership)

First, Second, and Third prizes will be awarded in each of eight categories as well as a Best In Show prize. Honorable Mentions will be awarded at the discretion of the Judge. If there are too few entries in any category, it is possible that fewer prizes will be awarded in that category. All decisions by Judges are final.

Memorial Awards are chosen in the names  of late artist members Gayle Magwood, Doreen Seguin, Vernon Graham, Emile Gaucher, and Mildred Terry. These awards are funded through the generosity of families and friends in the names of these late artists, and winning entries may be chosen by the late artists’ families.

The Massasoit Art Guild will retain a 15% commission on artwork sold during the show. Payment from customers for artwork sold during the show will be made in the form of cash, checks or charge made out to The Massasoit Art Guild. Payment will be mailed to artists (minus commission) within a week following the show. Artists are responsible for all taxes resulting from sales of their artwork.

Original pieces – five total – not entered in past Massasoit Art Guild shows.
You may enter up to five pieces of artwork, however, the fifth piece is accepted provisionally based on the hanging space availability. If there is not enough room to hang the fifth piece you will be notified and reimbursed for that piece’s entry fee.


Each artist is permitted one large piece of artwork which does not exceed 40 inches in width and 60 inches in height (including frame) and an additional four entries  not to exceed 24 inches in width (including frame). These guidelines have been put into effect because of the limits of our racks and hanging space.


Work must be suitably framed with wire  for hanging – no saw tooth hangers. Canvases do not need to be framed, but all side edges must be neatly painted, with no visible staples.

Drop Off  and Pick Up

All artwork must be dropped off at the  Spencer Town Hall between 5:00–7:00 PM on Friday evening, October 18, 2019. The labels included with this application  must be filled out clearly and attached to the back of the artwork.

Artwork must remain on the racks until after the show closes. Artwork may be picked up after 4:15 PM on Sunday, October 20, 2019.


1.Oil  2. Watercolor 3. Acrylic 4. Pastel 5.Drawings and Prints  6.Traditional Photography  7.Digitally Enhanced Photos  8.Other Media 

The Massasoit Art Guild does not assume  responsibility for any work on exhibit or in transit  to the show. Sitters will be on duty during show  hours and a security system in force when the  building is locked. If you have questions about the show, the entry process, judging, prize awards, or group sales table, please email Amanda Delanski at  amanda.delanski@gmail.com or contact us through the guild’s website at www.MassasoitArtGuild.com



Art Show Category Definitions

  • Oil – At least 80% oil or alkyd paints or oil sticks

  • Acrylic – At least 80% acrylic paint

  • Watercolor – At least 80% watercolor, casein, gouache  or egg tempera on paper.

  • Pastel – At least 80% soft or oil pastel

  • Drawing/Print – All wet and dry drawing media and prints, i.e. lithographs, etchings, scratchboard, woodcuts etc, excluding giclees and reproductions

  • Traditional Photography – Not altered more than traditional darkroom processes allow.  Includes exposure adjustments, converting to monochrome, toning, cropping.  Note that digital photos normally require some sharpening to print so mild sharpening is OK.  There are other effects that were possible in film photography as well, such as solarization, multiple exposures, and sandwiching as well as flash and filter effects.  Use your own judgment as to whether you could have done that.

  • Digitally Enhanced Photos – Significantly altered using digital tools, examples: cloning, changing colors, panoramas, perspective or warping changes, adding things to the photo and adding digital effects and filters such as blur, art media, distortions.  Techniques that would be possible in a darkroom with an extreme amount of work should be considered digitally enhanced.

  • Other Media - Mixed media, 3D art, digitally created art, collage, and unconventional media (to include fiber, fabric, found objects, etc)
     Mixed media is any work that does not contain 80% or more of one medium.  For example, a work that is part watercolor, part acrylic and conte crayon but not 80% of any one.
     3D – any sculpture or work that protrudes significantly from the surface.  Freestanding work must have its own pedestal or other stand.  The Guild cannot provide that.  Work that can be hung must adhere to requirements for paintings.  Can be any medium. Cannot be any object that would normally be considered a  craft, such as a vase unless it is nonfunctional.
     Digitally created Art  - must be wholly created using digital tools.  If it contains a photograph that must be a minor part of the work unless it is extremely heavily collaged or manipulated sufficiently to be a new image.
     Collage – work that are a combination of paper and other fairly flat objects, usually also including paint.
    Unconventional Media - can be anything that is used in an unusual way to create a  unique object.  Fiber and fabric must not be used in a functional way that would be considered a craft.  These might also fit the 3D category.   


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